Photos from Home

by | Dec 2020

The Edina water tower seen from the air.

Photo: Shane McCartney

Drone photographer Shane McCartney’s advice for Images of Edina hopefuls is to “create, enjoy and fly on.”

We regularly feature photo submissions from our Images of Edina photo contest in the pages of Edina Magazine and online. This month, we asked Shane McCartney to tell us about his photograph titled Photos From Home, winner of last year’s Readers’ Choice Award.

Where was the photo taken?
Edina High School Area

What inspired the shot? 
My PIC (pilot in command) and I were invited to share our knowledge about drones with the local cub scouts troop 62. Being able to encourage someone’s interest and share from our drone experiences is what inspired me.

What’s your favorite thing about this image?
Mostly, I am grateful for the award voted by the people. Thank you again. I enjoy the poetry in this photo.

What type of camera do you use? 
For this shot it was a DJI Mavic Air quadcopter nicknamed Skittles.

Do you typically take photos like this or is this out of the norm for you? 
It has slowed down a bit due to COVID-19 but yes, it is a typical photo I can shoot.

What prompted you to submit your photo to Images of Edina?
I liked that I could share a unique photo not many people get to see of their community.

What tips would you offer others considering submitting their photos to contests like ours? 
Create, enjoy and fly on.


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