Images of Edina: The Streaks of 62

'The Streaks of 62' by Yash Mangalick
Photographer captures glimmering lights on Minnesota highway.
First Place: Places in Edina

Yash Mangalick, hobbyist photographer and Edina resident, recounts when he took the perfect picture on a highway close to home: “As [long] as I can remember, I’ve lived off the Gleason exit of [Minnesota State] Highway 62. Driving along this route, which bisects Edina, is comforting, and arriving at the Gleeson sign tells me when I’m home. Before I moved to start college last year, I wanted to capture visions of home to make my New York dorm room a little less alien. I set up a tripod on the MN-62 Gleason overpass one evening and was greeted by a low-hanging golden moon, which completed my composition of the streaking cars of 62.” 

Photographer: Yash Mangalick
Title: The Streaks of 62
Equipment: Nikon D7100