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Edina Magazine January 2021

A big part of what makes Edina special is the spirit of volunteerism among a vast array of community members. But, when residents are unsure where to direct their charitable efforts, or maybe they’re spearheading an effort and seek additional support, the Edina Community Foundation is uniquely situated as an important center of influence and resource. I first wrote about the Edina Community Foundation in Edina Magazine in 2016 when it was selected as an editor’s pick for Best Community Organization in our annual Best of Edina issue. I shared information about its endowment program, independent grant making, supported beneficiary groups and its tireless support of public art in Edina.

Several subsequent issues of Edina Magazine have spotlighted the foundation’s Connecting with Kids honorees and various other local endeavors. I continue to believe the work of the Edina Community Foundation is extremely special and that it’s positively unique among similar organizations in the Twin Cities. So, when executive director Dick Crockett suggested a regular column in Edina Magazine to showcase citizens of Edina recognized by the foundation as outstanding contributors to the local community, I readily agreed. This month marks the first such installment. Turn to our Noteworthy section and read a bit about local sculptor Nick Legeros, the artist behind much of Edina’s incredible public art. Watch for more citizen profiles in future issues of Edina Magazine.

Next up, get ready to get fit … however that suits your personal lifestyle. We’ve got stories in this issue that educate readers on where to find super foods on local restaurant menus and how to get fit with in-person or virtual fitness instructors. Once you’ve worked out, settle in and cozy up with our article about how to hygge. That’s right, it’s winter in Minnesota and we know just how to help you enjoy every fresh breath and warm sip.

Angela Johnson, editor
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