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by | May 2023

Makeover from Lili Salon Spa

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Learn what’s hot in makeup, skin care, nails and hair.

The “big thing” in beauty is ever-changing. So before you decide to get bangs or throw out your makeup collection and start anew, see what the experts at Lili Salon Spa in the Galleria have to say. We talked to Haley Benjamin, Cymbre Stepp and Marti Boe to see what’s popular in the world of beauty and skin care.

Au Naturel: Skin care and Makeup

Marti Boe, an Edina High School graduate, has been an esthetician for about 19 years. She is an advanced practice esthetician at Lili Salon Spa, where she created the facial protocol.

“No more contouring,” Boe says. “Contour and thick foundation is out.” Instead, she recommends Revision Intellishade, which is a tinted sunscreen. “It blends with any skin tone,” she says. “I mean any!” Revision Intellishade has antioxidants meant to repair skin from sun damage while protecting it with zinc. Boe recommends pairing this tinted sunscreen with Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Face; just mix the liquid with tinted sunscreen for both protected and glowing skin.

“Rosy cheeks that spread over the nose are in,” Boe says. “I am obsessed with this trend.” She recommends the Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Blush for anyone looking to try this look out for themselves. To add a little pop for special occasions, Boe recommends the Kevyn Aucoin Blitz Kid Eyeshadow Palette. A bright pop of lipstick is another great option for special occassions and pairs well with a natural look.

Boe says when her customers are looking for a sculpted look without contoured makeup, they’re moving toward noninvasive treatments that don’t leave skin red or irritated.

Gua Sha Shaping Tool

“Gua Sha [pictured above] is a great at home tool to use,” Boe says, adding that the Contour Facial at Lili Salon Spa is an excellent treatment. She says this facial is like “botox in a bottle.” The enzyme mask helps send a message to facial muscles to relax and go back to their original state. The mask includes argireline powder, which is said to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The results from this facial are instant and last about two weeks. “The more [often] people do it, the more the muscles get trained and stay [in place] for longer,” she says.

Boe likes to combine the Contour Facial with something called “notox” treatments—which is botox without the injections. She says that notox treatments, paired with microcurrent (which sends electrical currents to the face), can lift the face and reduce wrinkles by relaxing the muscles.

Along with notox and facials, Boe says LED treatments have been a popular service at the spa, where they set LED lights over clients’ face, neck and chest areas. “Red LED [light] is great for anti-aging,” she says. “Blue LED [light] is perfect for acne clients. [It] is also great for redness and inflammation.”

According to Boe, these treatments for fine lines, wrinkles and acne are on the rise because 2023 is all about feeling confident while sporting less makeup.

Nails Reign Supreme

“Nails are the thing right now,” says Benjamin, owner of Lili Salon Spa. “We have 10 nail artists, and they are booked all of the time.”

Stepp, the nail director at Lili Salon Spa, has seen popularity in the Dazzle Dry collection, which is a fast-drying, long-lasting vegan natural nail polish line. A few sought after colors from the collection are Tiger Lily (a fuchsia pink with sparkles), Alluring Charm (a very soft pink that’s a great neutral), Pinkies Up (a sheer pink), Starstruck (a shimmery bronze-gold that’s a beautiful earth tone) and Lotion Please (a lovely light blue, pictured to the right).

Lavender Nail Paint

If a customer is hoping to go the gel route, a few popular colors include Cuddle Up (a soft pink) and Feel the Flutter (a deep, rich, red wine shade). Stepp says hot pink, French tips and multicolored tips become more popular as the weather gets warmer.

French Tipped Nails

“Chrome powder is really popular,” Stepp says, noting that a chrome powder finish can go over gel or regular polish to give it a metallic, chrome-like sheen.

A Flair For Hair

Benjamin says the way she determines beauty trends is heavily influenced on what customers ask for. She’ll take her clients’ ideas and guide them to the right style based on their skin color, face shape and how much time they like to spend getting ready.

“Clients love to surf the internet and see what’s popular,” Benjamin says. “We’re seeing a lot of the wolf cut.” She says the wolf cut is different variations of a shaggy mullet—like Miley Cyrus’ iconic 2020s do.

Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle

As for color, foilyage is a popular trend in 2023, according to Benjamin. “It’s like balayage,” she says. “But the color is closer to the top, and it gives you bolder colors with a softer line.”

foilyage hair trend

Warm tones are rising in popularity, including auburn and buttery blonde; and Benjamin says she isn’t seeing as many requests for cool hair tones.

Although these colors and cuts are trending, the biggest focus at Lili Salon Spa has been on overall hair and scalp health. According to the salon owner, choosing high-quality products that help with the integrity of hair is a must in 2023.

“Our goal at Lili [Salon Spa] is to educate our guests,” Benjamin says. “We want them to know how to use their products in a way that will keep the integrity of their hair and help them [re-]create the look from home as well.”

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