Local Photographer Provides Insight Into Her Strategy

Capturing the moment is a photographer’s job, their greatest goal when they focus their lens.

“There’s an exciting rush when you get the right moment,” local photographer Lauren Kiesel, who specializes in senior, family and children’s portraits as well as sports photography, says. “I feel that same rush of excitement I felt as an athlete … when I capture that perfect photo in an athletic competition.”

Kiesel has been a photographer since she was young, taking classes in high school like many budding photographers. She went on to become a sports photographer, taking photos at her kid’s athletic competitions

A sports lover herself, Kiesel’s passion helped her to anticipate critical points in any game to take pictures. Those moments have a few different elements, but only one is the most critical.

“Ideally, I want to capture the play and the emotion to tell a story,” she says. “Storytelling or communicating with the viewer is what I strive for with all of my photos.”