Make Music in the Park

Edina Rotary Club grants funding for outdoor instruments.

There are two new attractions in Rosland Park near the playground for Edina residents to play with. They are musical instruments—a gift from the Rotary Club—that hopefully you’ve already or will soon discover.

“We want people to create music,” says Mark Stageburg, Rotary Club member.

“I hope many, if not all of Edina, gets a chance to play them.”

Every year, the Rotary Club awards several grants. These are generally $1,000 to $5,000, but two signature grants are $10,000 each. These larger grants are only given when an application establishes the award will have a bigger impact on the community of Edina, not just a specific area. One of these grants was awarded to Edina Parks and Recreation for outdoor musical instruments. This type of play equipment is becoming popular in parks around the country.

One provider of outdoor musical instruments states that music is one of the few truly universal things people enjoy. Playing music engages both the body and brain and benefits many aspects of life.

These outdoor instruments are percussion instruments, similar to the xylophone in style. One is called “Flowers” which seems a fitting name, given its appearance.

The other is called “Serenade” and more closely resembles a xylophone though much more colorful and eye-catching. Both will have mallets attached by a metal cord to avoid losing them. There will also be metal songbooks, so instead of basic tones, players could play simple songs.

“The songbook was really important. We wanted people to actually enjoy playing the instruments, not just bang on it for a bit,” says Stageburg.

These musical additions are here to stay. So if you’re visiting Rosland Park, keep your ear tuned for these new attractions. Whether it’s children exploring their musical side or adults finding it again, these are definitely for everyone to enjoy.