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Edina Magazine March 2021

Over 50,000 people call Edina home. Some are second and third generation residents. Some grew up here, moved away, and then moved back again. Still others chose Edina second to choosing the United States as their home, bringing with them vibrant cultural traditions and diverse perspectives. But most everyone, no matter the length of their historical ties to Edina, chooses to live here because this community offers a high quality of life. This interconnectedness of shared values reveals itself more and more as Edina residents discover each other and create space to have conversations about what is most important to them.

This month, we spoke with Edina residents from varying backgrounds who share the values of sustainability and eco-conscious lifestyles. Their active process of creating networks of support and encouragement help people get to know each other so as to understand and learn from different life experiences and make progress on common goals. This story is yet another example of why living in Edina is special.

If you’re part of a local effort that makes Edina a special place, let us know. We want to share your stories and help others discover why you love living here.

Angela Johnson, Editor
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