Meet the Man behind Jugheads

by | May 2021

Paul & Wendy Arneberg

Photo: Paul and Wendy Arneberg

Longtime juggling program imparts skills and life lessons.

In 1994, Paul Arneberg offered his first juggling club through the Wise Guys program of Edina Kids Club; by 1998 he launched Jugheads independently, continuing a 26-year journey of mentoring thousands of Edina and metro-wide preteens and teens. It’s a team endeavor with his wife Wendy. Students learn to juggle, but it’s so much more. Paul and his staff teach goals, connections and virtues through the tool of juggling. Kids learn confidence, establish tight friendships and learn leadership among other life lessons. The pinnacle performance held each May is a true production. Spectators are moved by how Paul, Wendy and their staff highlight each individual’s unique character and accomplishments. Recognition includes the Edina Mayor’s Connecting with Kids Commendation in 2013, the International Jugglers Association (IJA) Education Award in 2000 and the IJA Teams gold medal in 2009. Paul says, “We’ve hit the mark when we see that we’ve positively affected—and even changed—the lives of our youth through many years of development. Juggling is merely the excuse!” He’s working on a book titled Juggling Priorities: The Art of Balancing Goals, Connections and Virtues celebrating the company and the wide applicability of its life lessons. Jugheads’ Juggle Jam 23 will be held May 21-22. Information about the performance and summer camps is at

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