Pain Relief Without Pills

A focus on alternative options.
Dr. Grant Nobles, owner of KC Core MN

Last May, Edina welcomed a unique chiropractic clinic. With so much in the news about the opioid epidemic, this clinic is all about offering alternative care for pain management that could help to stave off addictions.

“Hospitals are being pushed more and more to alternative care,” says Dr. Grant Nobles, owner of KC Core MN. “We still need medications, but we’re trying to find alternative methods so they aren’t the first solution.”

Originally from Sioux Falls, Iowa, Nobles became interested in chiropractic care after starting on the medical route and he found out it wasn’t simply about back pain, but also about muscle pain. As such, he’s found a niche in Edina.

“The community has been very welcoming and interested. I’ve been really impressed and happy with the response from patients,” he says.