Re-vamped Author Series Deserves a Look

by | Oct 2021

Zaylore Stout and interviewer Barbara LaValleur

Zaylore Stout and interviewer Barbara LaValleur. Photo: Scott Denfeld, City of Edina

Speaking of Authors … is a collaborative effort between the Edina Art Center and the City of Edina Communication Department. These recorded episodes are hosted by Edina Art Center general manager Susan Tarnowski alongside local interviewer, Barbara LaValleur. The selection of authors interviewed is intentionally more diverse and include topics like U.S. gay history, new immigrant experiences, aging, native American experiences and writers, a new look at the Vietnam War, a children’s book author who studies relevant pollical themes, an editor of a book that looks at food in different pan-Asian cultures, etc. The goal is to tell all the stories: The story the author wrote, the story the author lived, the story about what compels authors to write and how they practice their craft and the stories of the readers. You can view the episodes anytime on YouTube. Speaking of Authors … is also scheduled to appear on SW Television at regular intervals.


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