Read the March 2022 Digital Edition

by | Mar 2022

Read the March 2022 Digital Edition

We’re entering the month that signals the official end of winter, with the spring equinox taking place on March 20. But that certainly doesn’t mean that winter weather will magically disappear. This is a month of uncertainties intermingled with hope. Will the snow melt and usher in an early spring? Or will we spend another month or more bundled up, digging ourselves out of snow drifts? It’s a month where even warmer weather can feel discouraging as old snow mingles with mud, covering the world in a blanket of brown mush and  where daily weather changes leave our minds and wardrobes confused. (All of this, I think, is the true meaning of March Madness.)

It’s in this month of atmospheric uncertainty that I think it’s especially important to ground oneself in something expected. For me, that’s often creating a predictable and comforting home environment. On cold days, I revel in creature comforts of tea (or a cocktail) and favorite books or movies, cozied up under blankets and a sheepskin throw. On warmer days, I take the opportunity to throw open the windows and do some furious spring cleaning to make my home feel fresh again after a long winter. And, no matter the weather, I make sure my home reflects my style and interests, while also serving my functional needs.

Of course, home looks and feels different for each person. Not just in how we decorate but what we value and what brings us comfort. For some, the sense of home is less a place and more of a feeling. For others, it’s found in a person or an activity that makes you feel most alive.

This month, we’re exploring homes—the literal places of shelter, yes, but also the food, drinks and activities that bring a sense of peace and grounding to our chaotic lives. I hope you enjoy these stories of home as much as we enjoyed putting them together!

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