Ride and Shine at the Southdale YMCA Skate Park

Outdoor activities for kids need not always be about typical team sports. Some kids and teens prefer more individual challenges like skateboarding. And there’s a surprisingly large skate park at the Southdale YMCA if you’ve got kids who have ever wanted to give skateboarding a try.

A simple, large concrete bowl with drops varying between 4–11 feet deep provides plenty of space for everyone to experiment and enjoy the outdoors. It’s not necessarily X Game level adventurous, but it’s actually the first of its kind in the Midwest.

Best of all, you don’t need a membership at the YMCA to enjoy it. The skate park is free to use for members, but it’s only $5-7 to ride for non-members. Better yet, you can sign up the children for skateboard lessons at the Ymca to help them improve their skills.