Snow Day: Edina’s Top Sledding Spots

by | Jan 2012

Two Girls Sledding


Take an afternoon with the kids and enjoy three of Edina’s best sledding spots.

1.      Lake Cornelia

With its rolling hills and intense snow cover, the ultimate place to sled this winter is Lake Cornelia and the surrounding grounds. Are you a speed demon looking for a thrill? Try the big hill on the east side of the park (famous for housing on-lookers of the 4th of July fireworks show). Just a stone’s throw away is Cornelia Elementary School, where more sledding awaits at hills just behind the school. 70th St. and Cornelia Rd.

2.      Hyland Lake Park Reserve

A popular destination for Edina sledders, snowshoe enthusiasts, ice fishers and cross-country skiers alike? Hyland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington. Just off the Star Loop Trail are numerous hills perfect for sleds. Bring your cross-country skis for a jaunt down Oak Knob Trail, or pack your fishing pole for a cold weather catch at Hyland Lake. 10145 Bush Lake Rd., Bloomington.

3.      Highlands Elementary School

Behold, the grand daddy of all sledding spots: the unassuming hill behind Highland Elementary School. What makes this one hill so special, you ask? The incredibly steep and wide slope allows sliders to create various paths, routes, jumps and tunnels for hours of fun in the snow. The open area at the bottom of the hill doesn’t hurt either; the steepness of the hill gives sleds the power to reach their maximum speed and velocity, and the free space below allows for a long smooth ride. 5505 Doncaster Way.


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