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by | Jan 2022

Edina native shares her Korean culture, fitness tips, food and more on social media.

Photos: Sara Park

Edina native shares her Korean culture, fitness tips, food and more on social media.

During a time when social interaction had to take place primarily online, social media platforms took off and became even more popular. Perhaps because of this, uplifting and inspirational content is much more common online than it used to be. When this content comes from a local face, it can be even more touching and inspiring.

Sara “Sparky” Park of Edina, currently enrolled in her final year at the University of Wisconsin–Madison as a marketing and political science major, has taken up a role in social media to spread her healthy lifestyle and positive mentality.

At the age of 13, Park got into watching YouTube videos of influencers’ lives, creating a desire within her to start her own YouTube channel. During the pandemic, Park was able to find the time and motivation to start creating a presence on social media, starting with TikTok—a platform that allows creators to share videos up to three minutes long.

Park began with videos of trendy dances, but soon expanded into videos about fitness, as well as videos celebrating her Korean culture. One of Park’s big goals is to combat the idea that students should eat less while at college. By posting about food, Park is demonstrating the beauty and benefits of a healthy diet that helps students to gain healthy weight. While doing this, she has learned that people will always find something to criticize; however, she keeps in mind that what she does is appreciated by and good for a majority of her followers.

Instagram: @spaarkyyy
YouTube: Sara SPARKY Park


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