This Sparkling Wine Pairs Perfectly with Dark Chocolate

by | Mar 2019

Domaine des Terres Dorées FRV 100 sparkling rose

Contrary to what most believe, wine and chocolate are actually not the best pairing. Of course, there are a few simple tricks to navigate the subject. For example: the sweeter the chocolate, the sweeter the wine or intertwine white wines only with milk or white chocolates. My tip? Stick to bubbles and connect to one that has just a touch of sweetness. One of my favorites is Domaine des Terres Dorées FRV 100. Made of 100 percent Gamay and layered with sun ripened strawberry and juicy raspberry, this slightly sweet bubbly is just the right partner for almost any dark chocolate it meets.

Leslee Miller is a certified sommelier and owner of local wine consulting firm, Amusee,  and Sip Better Wine Club.


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