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by | May 2021

Luxjoy & Comfort gift box

Photo: Chris Emeott

Local biz provides customizable luxury gift baskets and boxes.

Crafting unique gifts from the heart, Edina resident Rachel Silberman started her own gift boxing business Luxjoy & Comfort with the intent of sharing happiness with others.

Intrigued by the idea of becoming her own boss and obsessed with the nature of gift boxes, Silberman decided to create something of her own to share that experience with others. “I wanted to pay it forward with that feeling of happiness,” Silberman says. “The excitement and the thrill of getting a gift.”

Since 2019, Luxjoy & Comfort has been a one-stop shop for luxury gifts that bring clients a sense of joy and comfort, hence the name. Offering standard themed boxes from holiday inspired, cocktail kits, baby shower, back-to-school, self-care, liquor and spirits, charcuterie and more, Luxjoy & Comfort has a unique gift box for everybody.

Luxjoy & Comfort also offers a completely customizable option. Providing boxes and baskets fit to preference, Silberman can curate a collection of items that represents the recipient from their favorite snacks, hobbies and favorite colors. In addition, Silberman uses sublimation printing, a process of transferring a design from specialized paper to a desired surface to create customized items that feature anything from personalized logos, designs, photographs and quotes.

“It doesn’t get stale because not one person is the same,” she says about the customizable aspect of her business. “I love the creativity of it, that’s my favorite part.”

As an avid Luxjoy & Comfort client, Melissa Walsh-Newkirk  says the best part of doing business with this local company is Silberman’s heart.

“She wants other people to feel good when they get that basket,” Walsh-Newkirk says.

“She has an expectation of what she wants the recipient of the baskets to feel and she puts it together in a way that makes sure they feel comforted and cared for.”

Silberman says it’s important to consider how each item compliments others. “When I make a gift, everything has to make sense,” she says. “It isn’t just thrown together.” Pairing items such as tea and cookies or wine and charcuterie, Silberman is able to create something universally loved while still making it unique to each client.

Silberman hopes to wholesale a majority of her gift basket products through Minnesota makers to continue spreading a sense of joy to her clients and the rest of the community. “The best part is when I see [clients] really happy because they adore the gifts and see the strengthened connections created between people,” she says. “That’s the whole goal. That’s why I started this.”


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