Take a HIIT: Basecamp Brings a New Kind of Fitness to Edina

by | Dec 2019

A woman goes through high-intensity interval training at Basecamp Fitness in Edina.

Photo: Chris Emeott

Basecamp Fitness brings its version of high-intensity interval training.

When your workout routine starts becoming just that—routine—it may be time to switch it up.

A new Edina fitness studio, Basecamp Fitness, is providing a new type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that’s sure to be intense and will definitely be different.

Unlike many other gymnasiums, the motto at Basecamp surrounds the community ideal—“[It’s] the foundation of who we are. We are the community who welcomes, encourages and celebrates people,” says regional director Nigel Skiathitis.

Though the Southern Californian studio is bringing the love, they’re also bringing the pain—through the notorious assault bike. The 35-minute “jamming” workout, as Skiathitis calls it, includes 60 seconds on the bike, pedaling as fast as possible, followed by 60 seconds off the bike, working a different part of your body. You’ll go between the two intervals for half an hour, ending with an optional 10-minute ab workout.

With three main principles—finding time, what to work out and getting motivated—Basecamp truly makes each workout an experience. The 35-minute workout is not only efficient and effective, but also provides cardio, strength and core workouts. But most importantly, the center claims to love each member all the same—no matter if you’re just starting out, an achieved athlete or getting back into the fitness groove.

Jodie Youngquist, once a personal trainer and an avid gym member, didn’t have time for fitness classes when she had kids, but Basecamp welcomed her with open arms and got her back into exercising daily. “If I can’t make it to the 6:15 a.m. class, I can make it to the 6:15 p.m. class,” she says. “[Now] they know my name, they recognize me. They know who I am, and they’ve been extremely welcoming.”

Skiathitis says that, though everyone is doing the same workout, it’s tailored to your body. He explains that his 67-year-old mother is a Basecamp member, right beside NFL-players and Olympic athletes—and it works because the instructors are trained to give progressions and modifications.

Andrew Siegel, who’s always been a long-distance swimmer, says Basecamp was his first foray into HIIT classes. “It’s challenged me to work differently,” he says. “But it’s exciting to be constantly pushed to the limits.”

“There’s no lack of difficulty, but we don’t compete with one another,” Skiathitis says. “Everybody is cheering each other on and there’s people of all fitness ranges [here]. We all encourage and celebrate one another, it reminds me of a team.”

The Basecamp team members will even help you set your goals—and reward you when you meet them.

Basecamp Fitness
3945 Market St.
Facebook: Basecamp Fitness (Edina, MN)
Instagram: @basecampedina


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