Update Your Home with These Summer Trends in Interior Design

by | Jul 2019

A kitchen renovation by City Homes, featuring quartz countertops and green cabinets.

Photo: City Homes

City Homes has the latest trends in flooring, cabinetry and fixtures.

Looking to the inside of the home, City Homes has the latest trends in flooring, cabinetry and fixtures.

“People are getting close to a clear coat natural wood, white, to lighten it up,” Katie Stenger, project director at City Homes, says of flooring. “White oak takes stains really well. It’s definitely one of the more stable and sturdy materials, especially if you have dog traffic.”

Stenger adds that countertops are more often quartz in simple patterns. “[Quartz] is less porous, it’s heat-resistant and more scratch-resistant. Kitchens were all white for so long and now we’re seeing more colors customized to a family’s preference—kind of mixing it up like blue and green cabinets. And some people want to do an island in an accent color. Some are choosing to do a more modern wood grain cabinet in a clean, modern way. It’s a more linear gray stained with a gray undertone.”

In cabinet fixtures, there is a trend toward mixed metals. “People aren’t trying to match light fixtures to each other or even cabinet fixtures,” Stenger says. “They’re experimenting with throwing in chrome with brushed brass or an oil-rubbed bronze.”

The latest is LED light bulbs and their versatility is causing light fixtures to become a focal point in the home. “People want their light fixtures to stand out. They’re using it as a piece of art, too,” Stenger says. “There’s these fixtures now that incorporate an LED glow in the shape of the fixture.”


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