Welcome to the June 2024 Issue

by | Jun 2024

Edina Magazine June 2024 Issue

Welcome to our family, pets and senior living issue. I’m thrilled to present to you a curated collection of stories that capture the essence of taking care of our loved ones, both human and animal alike.

My orange tabby, Pumpkin, was the apple of my Crazy Cat Lady eye. He thought he was a dog or what I like to call a “puppy kitty.” He would play fetch, snuggle and even jump through hoops. But for all his talents, what he couldn’t do was groom himself very well. My veterinarian recommended taking him to a cat groomer. It worked so well that he became TikTok famous. (His most popular video got 1 million views.) We speak to local cat parents about how their feline friends adore their kitty spa days.

For our seniors, we’ve explored the vibrant landscape of exercise classes tailored to their unique needs. I got the idea for the story when my mom, who is 76, excitedly told me about her local fitness class and how after sessions are over, she and her classmates stop for coffee and pastries at the Italian market nearby. I wondered if a class like hers existed here—something that was low impact, gentle, fostered camaraderie among participants and forged a sense of community. By no means is it a comprehensive list of everything available, I do hope this snapshot offers a window into the possibilities that exist.

And for our families, we have a delightful story about the Edina Soccer Association’s 50th anniversary. Its legacy in youth sports is tangible. Some families are second and third generation participants.

This issue is a fitting tribute to family, friendships and the companionship of pets.


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