Whatever Your Workout, ALTR in Edina Has a Place for You

by | Sep 2020

A workout class at ALTR in Edina.

Photos: Mitch Hirn

ALTR offers another option in high-intensity interval training.

There are almost as many ways to exercise as there are lakes in Minnesota. The thing that works for you is a combination of what you need and what you like. One person’s invigorating cardio workout is an unbearable sweaty endurance for another. Are you looking for a group of like-minded people to take a fun class with, or do you want a trainer who focuses on you like you’re training for the Olympics? Do you want to follow your comfortable path or be challenged? Some of those questions have different answers on different days … I mean, is it Monday?

ALTR, which opened an Edina location at the beginning of the year, wants to be your fun-group-of-people-to-take-a-class-with answer and your Olympic trainer answer. The high-intensity interval training program offers a workout of the day and a trainer—they call them ALTR pros—to give you the group experience and the personal trainer experience all in one package.

People working out at ALTR in Edina.

Kari Ament and Vincent Amendola are the owners of ALTR. Their first location was in the North Loop, and Edina seemed like the best place to expand.

“Many of our North Loop community members live in the area,” Ament says. “Also, we just love Edina and the area has the kind of healthy demo we’re looking for.”

The ALTR pros are all certified in other kinds of workout programs before they go through the ALTR training. The workout of the day is an ever-changing programmed experience that doesn’t differ from one location to the other or by time of day, but it’s never the same workout two days in a row. So, you get consistency and variety.


Sarah Manneh was one of the first ALTR clients; she stayed with the program because she says it has had the biggest impact on her body. “Unlike many programs out there, it is well designed, each day is very different than the previous,” Manneh says. “Using vertical skiers, rowing and assault bicycles as the core of the cardio, it effectively integrates with the strength portions, to include all muscle groups for a total body work out.” And when she talks about muscle groups, she knows what she’s talking about—she’s a doctor.

Before they launched the business, Amendola and Ament traveled all over the country looking at fitness centers and gyms. “We tried to put ourselves in the user position,” Amendola says. That research led them to understand that a certain level of pampering goes a long way. “We talk about industrial luxe,” Ament says. “And we deliver that.”

ALTR Entrance

The showers are nice, the products—shampoos and soaps and whatnot—are high end and the towels aren’t thin, rough gym towels. Also, client Manneh says the music is always on point and she finds all the little details can be motivating.

Ament says they recognize there are a lot of choices in their field. “It’s a vibrant and competitive landscape,” she says. “We work to eliminate the intimidation factor … we’re easy in, easy out.” There are no long-term contracts—they offer single drop-in classes and online workouts with different pricing tiers if you decide to make a commitment.

The thing that Amendola wants you to know about ALTR is that their highly trained pros are there to help you. “We meet you where you are,” he says.

3925 W. 50th; 612.314.7575
Facebook: ALTR
Instagram: @altrfit
Twitter: @ALTRfit


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