The Best Summer Sandwiches and Drinks in Edina

by | Jul 2020

Food and beer from Wooden Hill Brewing in Edina.

Photos: Emily J. Davis, Rachel Nadeau, Bruce Clark

What’s better than a burger and a brew? A flaky Minnesotan fish and a glass of something smooth?

A few of Edina’s best food finalists share their most popular summer sandwiches and the drinks to pair with them.

Wooden Hill Brewing Company

“Our big, popular item is our house burger,” says head chef Jordan Roots. “We do a fresh, never frozen beef,” he says.

After starting with a gleaming brioche bun, the patty (or patties, if you go for the double decker option) is smothered with sharp cheddar—rather than American—cheese, adding to the unassuming decadence of the sandwich.

Roots finishes the burger with a homemade garlic mayo and sweet, crunchy pickles also made in house. “It’s super straightforward, there’s no funny business with this one.”

To cut through the richness of the burger, Roots recommends the brewery’s Kolt Shoulder. “It’s a crisp, German Kolsch-style beer. A good pairing with fat is also an IPA. Code 3 is our number one selling beer in the whole building.” Both are flagship beers, available all year-round.

Red Cow

“For sure our Double Barrel Burger is our top selling burger,” says head chef Trevis Langley without hesitation. “It’s the one we won the Twin Cities Burger Battle with.”

The burger features the Red Cow Grind, a rich blend of equal parts ground chuck, short rib, ribeye and brisket. “Initially we were trying to make it almost like a steak, or a prime rib feel,” says Langley. “That’s where the horseradish comes in.”

Burger from Red Cow

Cutting the sharp flavor of the horseradish are savory caramelized onions and white American cheese. “Our goal was to make it a steak house kind of flavor and texture. We do it coarsely ground so it’s got a nice bite to it like a steak would.”

Holding its own against this flavorful heavy hitter is Red Cow’s Moscow mule. The backbone of this featured cocktail is homemade ginger beer. Next comes house vodka infused with pink peppercorns for a sweet, peppery kick. Finish with demerara sugar and simple syrups and a splash of fresh
lime juice.

Ciao Bella

Another quintessential summertime staple in Minnesota is walleye, and Ciao Bella is more than happy to serve up the flaky, buttery white fish. “The walleye sandwich, it’s made with a focaccia that we bake in house,” says manager Jamie Wallen.

Joining the traditional, rosemary-infused bread is a homemade lemon garlic aioli that balances the light flavors of the fish with a soft citrus bite.

Ciao Bella Patio

Ciao Bella flies in its walleye fresh–and watch it fly out the door just as quickly. “Walleye tends to be pretty popular because it’s one of Minnesota’s staples,” Wallen says.

Compliment the lightness of this seafood sammie with a glass of the Cakebread chardonnay. Wallen says, “It’s a little bit crisper and it has a little bit of that chalky, mineral-based finish, which is really nice with seafood.”

Wooden Hill Brewing Company
7421 Bush Lake Road
Facebook: Wooden Hill Brewing Company
Twitter: @WoodenHillBeer
Instagram: @woodenhillbrewing

Red Cow 50th & France
3624 W 50th St.
Facebook: Red Cow
Twitter: @redcow_mn
Instagram: @redcowmn

Ciao Bella
3501 Minnesota Drive, Bloomington
Facebook: Ciao Bella Restaurant


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