Edina’s Best Interior Designer Shares 2020 Trends

by | Jul 2020

A home featuring interior design by Martha O'Hara Interiors.

Photos: Troy Thies

As we move into this new decade of design, we asked Kate O’Hara, CEO and creative director for Martha O’Hara Interiors, about the joyful design elements in one of their Edina projects.

One of the best ways to improve your mood is to surround yourself with beauty and create a home environment that makes you feel connected to joy. So, as we move into this new decade of design, we asked Kate O’Hara, CEO and creative director for Martha O’Hara Interiors, about the joyful design elements in one of their Edina projects …

Edina Magazine: Please tell us what the change of decade means in terms of changing tastes and design trends … like maybe COLOR!
Kate O’Hara: The last decade was all about natural light and open spaces, whereas this decade will be about re-introducing color in ways that don’t impede the light and flow we’ve come to love in our homes.
EM: What was the overall goal of the homeowner when it came to this home’s particular design aesthetic?
KO: For a young couple with two energetic girls, the home’s interior was about creating a playful, preppy and fresh interior that featured splashes of color on a more adult, neutral palette.

Home office with patterned wallpaper.

EM: It’s exciting to see the use of color after years of mostly white/grey interiors, yet the base of this project is mostly white (walls, trim, cabinetry, countertops) and color is introduced in other ways. Talk about that and how others can best achieve the look.
KO: Even as we start incorporating more color into our homes (including wall-to-wall color in select spaces), a light neutral foundation for our main living spaces creates a lot of flexibility for adding colors and patterns without forcing spaces to compete–a particularly important task in open concept homes.

Entryway Decor

EM: The light fixtures are so fun and interesting. What are some tips to selecting lighting when it comes to mixing metals or styles, are there limits?
KO: Lighting is a great place to splurge in a home–it adds value and doesn’t have to live up to an active family’s wear and tear. Make sure your fixtures are large enough (you don’t want a wimpy light in your entry or kitchen!), make sure it’s hung at the right height and don’t be afraid to mix metals. Do consider how you need the fixture to function–whether it is truly a decorative piece or if it is the only light source in the room. These things make a difference in what you choose.

EM: Talk about painted furniture. We love the use in this home. When does painted furniture make sense?
KO: We love painted furniture and incorporated it in this project. You’ll notice that even sparingly, it can make a great impact.

EM: Wall coverings and tile: Do you recommend wallpaper mostly in small spaces like this office nook? And talk about the patterned bathroom tile: When is this “bold” choice the right choice?
KO: A lot of people want to have bold moments in their homes, but are nervous about going overboard–this is where use in small spaces can be great. Patterned cement and other tiles are becoming ubiquitous in homes today–this is largely thanks to the prevailing sentiment that great design has to look great and function. Why settle for just one?
EM: The rugs! Is there anything special we should know about these beautiful and bold rugs? Same vendor? Is this going to be a trend? A patterned rug overdyed to appear like a solid color?
KO: The rugs in this home are all Fay + Belle, a trade rug company that any homeowner can order through a designer, like us! They offer vintage rugs with various treatments, including the overdyed rugs featured frequently in this home. They also have a custom handknot rug collection that we adore.

EM: Artwork: How does one go about selecting the right size and subject for artwork? There is any ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ when it comes to art?
KO: Choose things you love! That said, when it comes to wall décor, you might consider the size of the wall and color palette you want to emphasize in any given space. Additionally, some wall décor can come in the form of mirrors and textiles–not everything has to be a painting or a print. And it certainly doesn’t have to all be in the same style!

EM: The round dining table is brilliant! What inspired that choice?
KO: In this case, the round table suited the square dimension of the dining room. Plus, it left no room for arguing over who sits where.

EM: What else would you like to tell us about this property or 2020 design trends?
KO: In 2020, we predict that we will see the following home design trends: earthy and organic tones and weighty and warm pastels when choosing paint colors, statement laundry rooms, durable and lasting furniture and one-of-a-kind rugs. We will also say goodbye to all-white kitchens.

Martha O’Hara Interiors
9950 Wayzata Blvd., Minneapolis


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