Brother Justus Offers a Minnesota Whiskey Years in the Making

by | Feb 2019

Brother Justus Minnesotan whiskey

Photo: Graham Lutterbach

Head distiller Phil Steger wouldn’t sell a whiskey he wouldn’t drink himself.

Brother Justus Whiskey Company is the first local distillery to produce a single malt whiskey. Made from 100 percent Minn. malted barley, there were no shortcuts taken on the path to perfection, and no outsourcing. Even the first use charred white oak barrels used for aging were coopered right here in our beautiful state.

Head distiller Phil Steger has been working on this whiskey for years. Steger bided his time for around three years to perfect his craft. He wouldn’t sell a whiskey he wouldn’t drink himself. This American single malt starts with robust flavors of vanilla, butterscotch and grilled peaches. It has a dry finish of toasted oak. Even the name Brother Justus offers intrigue. On the back of the bottle is a piece of Minnesota history involving an outlaw monk during prohibition.

Graham Luterbach is a liquor specialist for Edina Liquor.


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