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by | Nov 2021

Clean Juice

Photo: Clean Juice

Former Chicagoan Sherri Fink moves to Edina to Open Minnesota’s first Clean Juice Store.

With the holiday season fast approaching, big meals and many unhealthy treats will surely be consumed, making it hard to stick to a healthy diet. Fortunately, there is a new juice bar in town to offer some tasty yet healthy options.

In February, Sherri Fink moved to Minnesota from Chicago to open the first Clean Juice store in the state this fall and will offer a wide variety of all organic items, including cold-press juices, smoothies, avocado toast and more. All the juices are pressed in the store. There won’t be any cartons of store-bought juice found in the fridge. The main focus of Clean Juice will be on the cold-press juices. “By doing a cold press instead of using heat, the juice keeps the nutrients for a few days,” Fink says. “If you use heat, all of those nutrients are practically gone in a half-hour or so.”

A perfect combination of events led Fink, a former flight attendant, to change career paths and move north. Two of her kids went to college at Bethel University and fell in love with the area. “They weren’t going to leave,” Fink says. “They kept begging and begging us to move up here.”

A Clean Juice store ended up opening in their neighborhood in Chicago, and Fink fell in love with it. Then in March, after 36 years of being a flight attendant, Fink was offered a retirement package, giving her the perfect opportunity to open her own Clean Juice store in Edina and to move closer to her kids.

Opening a Clean Juice store is more to Fink than a money-making opportunity. She sees it as a chance to give back in her own way. “I want to work with my employees, especially my younger ones, to teach them how to have a good work ethic and to become great leaders,” Fink says. “It’s more than just selling juice.”

Clean Juice can be found off 50th and France. Customers are encouraged to download the Clean Juice app to place orders, and the store has a walk-up window where customers can simply pick up orders placed on the app. The store also features large windows in the prep area, so customers can watch the process of how their favorite items are made.

Clean Juice offers cleanse programs, which Fink says will be popular around and after the holidays, as it’s a good way to clear out some of the junk people may consume through some seasonal snacks.

Although this is the first Clean Juice in Minnesota, Fink says she has plans to open a couple more stores around the Twin Cities. “Clean Juice is my baby now,” Fink says. “I just love it.”

“My priorities in life have always been God, my family and my health,” she says. “This opportunity with Clean Juice has given me a chance to get closer to all three.”

Clean Juice
3943 Market St.; 952.479.7054
Facebook: Clean Juice
Instagram: @cleanjuice


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