Edina Choir Director Prepares for Retirement

Edina High School choir director David Henderson since 1998 will be changing careers to focus on private vocal lessons

It’s said all good things come to an end. While endings can sometimes be sad, in the case of Edina High School choir director David Henderson, one ending has simply led to another beginning.

“I’m changing careers to teaching private voice lessons,” says Henderson. “I’ll definitely miss teaching large groups, but I’ve always liked working one-on-one.”

Henderson has been Edina High School’s choir director since 1998, though it wasn’t his first experience with the school. Back in 1989, he filled in while the previous director, Robert Peterson, was on sabbatical. When Peterson retired, Henderson became a permanent fixture within the school’s music program.

Overseeing hundreds of concerts, and thousands of students, his final concert will be this year’s Current Jam. In what Henderson describes as a “giant American Idol show,” choir kids will sing modern pop songs and have a blast doing so.

A fitting end to a long career, and the perfect opening of a new chapter.

See The Edina Chor website for performance dates.