Expert Beauty Tips for Fall and Winter from Sloane’s Beauty Bar

by | Nov 2023

Paul Felipe of Sloan's Beauty Bar

Paul Felipe of Sloan’s Beauty Bar. Photo: Paul Felipe

Erin Zosel of Edina opened Sloane’s Beauty Bar at 50th and France in February 2017. This unpretentious yet super stylish salon is home to several talented stylists including Paul Felipe who lives in Edina and has raised his two children here. He’s been in the beauty industry for over 34 years and gets excited to share what’s new as well as what’s tried and true. Felipe follows all the current trends and then determines how those trends translate into everyday styles for real men and women in Edina.

Felipe has his eye on what’s “hot” for this cooler season. Bangs will soften from last year’s blunt brow fringe to a more angled drape. And those beachy waves you’ve nearly perfected will become more finished with ’60s inspired hairstyles that have more definition.

Felipe’s general rules for hair color are that lighter and brighter should ease into gentler and softer for fall and winter. He recommends a color melting technique that transitions from darker roots to lighter ends but with a softer, less dramatic effect for fall. Eye color and complexion often dictate the best hair color choice.

For those who gravitate toward the pinks and blues made popular recently, Felipe says those hair colors will intensify this season with bold fuchsia or hot pink. These bold colors are mostly worn by those in their 20s and 30s, but Felipe says it’s about the total look. If your entire style vibe is confidently nontraditional, then you can likely pull off pink hair no matter your age! But for most women in their wiser years, Felipe says, “Embrace the grey!” With the right stylist who can facilitate a smooth color change and help you maintain a luminous grey versus a steel wool look, going grey can be the best option. In fact, a well maintained grey that compliments your changing skin tone will likely look more stylish than whatever color you’re using to cover it up.

Hair extensions will remain popular. Felipe suggests using them as a way to fill in what nature took away or didn’t give or add quick length when waiting to grow out hair. He says, “The tape in variety are the most comfortable because they lay flat against the head as opposed to bonded hair extensions where each bonded piece can feel like a tiny piece of rice pressing against your scalp when you lie down.”

For curly or textured hair, let your more natural texture shine but be sure to have a professional shape it into today’s more structured and geometric styles.

The classic “Sassoon” bob is always in for shorter hair and Felipe relies on more blunt cuts for round faces because as long as they fall in the correct areas, they will help offset a round facial shape. Men’s cuts will remain close cropped on the sides and back but with a longer, more carefree flow on top.

Finally, to recreate your professional stylist’s techniques at home, get out your smartphone and record a custom tutorial right in the salon. A video of your favorite stylist demonstrating how to style your hair is much better than anything you’ll find on YouTube.

And if you’re heading out this coming holiday season and also want some tips on perfecting your makeup, Felipe says the overall look this season is soft makeup with defined eyelids. Think French girl chic with a wash of face color accented with a strong lip color. That ’60s inspired look will also meet the makeup brush to give women options like plum eye shadows and even silver eyeliner. But Felipe warns that as metallic eye shadows become even more popular, that particular finish draws attention to the areas where it’s applied. So, even though women of all ages can do whatever they please when it comes to style, be warned that creased or crepe-y skin will be enhanced by shiny or metallic eye shadows. Still unsure? Make an appointment at Sloane’s Beauty Bar where Felipe or one of their other experienced beauty experts can help you perfect your look this season.

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Sloane’s Beauty Bar
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