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by | Apr 2019

Farmhouse Performance Lab founder Addison Bain lifts weights

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A workout facility focused on balanced goals.

Working out can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be if you find the right space and environment. For many, that place is Farmhouse Performance Lab in Edina. Farmhouse is a training facility that incorporates a wide variety of classes, which, when combined, create an all around balanced workout for any body.

Owner and workout guru Addison Bain has dedicated his life to being a personal trainer and helping others achieve goals that are not only focused on the physical, but also feeling mentally healthier and gaining a sense of community and acceptance within Farmhouse.

“I am the owner, head coach, programmer, janitor, all of the above,” Bain says.

Bain opened Farmhouse in July of 2014, after several years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness coach. However, his journey started with a huge letdown. In 2010, Bain was racing on the UCI European cycling circuit for the Geox Fuji Test Team when he was injured and had to return home to the U.S. He began working as a coach at CrossFit Progression in Rochester that evolved into a position at CrossFit Minneapolis and a job helping to build and develop Crossfit Chanhassen in 2013.

Throughout the experience, Bain worked with a multitude of individuals with different skill sets and physical capabilities.

Jessica Barlow

Jessica Barlow

“I have worked with students and professional athletes and everyone in between, including moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas,” Bain says.

Bain received his education in athletic training at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo. and Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Mo. Along with being a successful trainer and business owner, Bain has received many accolades. He is certified in CrossFit, Olympic lifting, USA Cycling and as an XPT coach. He has also recently participated in competitions and is a 2018 CrossFit Games regional qualifier. So if you choose to workout at Farmhouse, you will be in Bain’s strong and capable hands.

Addison Bain

Addison Bain

Bain has chosen and developed his programs to be what he envisions as the perfect balance of exercises. This includes kettlebell training, CrossFit and strength courses specifically programmed to meet the physical and psychological capabilities of individuals. These classes help athletes of all levels to incorporate strength training into their on- or off-season daily, weekly or monthly routines.

Farmhouse also offers a mobility class designed to stretch and work the tissues that help people to become more efficient with their movements. However, the premiere class at Farmhouse is called functional movement and has been created by Bain himself throughout the past nine years he has been coaching. Functional movement includes intensity, light and heavy lifting, accessory work and endurance training, that when combined at an equal balance helps to better an individual’s personal fitness and wellbeing.

“Functional movement is everything I think we should be working on as humans,” Bain says.

The process of joining Farmhouse is made as simple as possible, so individuals can get started on their plans right away. You can begin by visiting the Farmhouse website contact page and either send an email or call Bain directly. Each new client will get a chance to meet face to face with Bain and his staff and receive a detailed tour and description of all of the services available. Bain encourages visitors to join in on a class while visiting so prospective new members know exactly what they can expect when they join.

Tristan Harrison, a regular at Farmhouse is a childhood friend of Bain’s. After Bain opened Farmhouse, Harrison decided to join to not only connect with Bain, but continue to improve his physical fitness and athleticism.

Tristan Harrison

Tristan Harrison

“Having been there for a while it’s really amazing to see what Addison has grown to be a really close community. That community is really the best part because it lends itself to the toughest part of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, consistency,” Harrison says.

The coaching techniques at Farmhouse are different than some other fitness facilities. Farmhouse does not have introductory or more advanced level classes. Instead, everyone, regardless of skill level, is together in the same class. During each class, coaches reteach the movements and even those who have been doing these classes for years redo the movements along with the beginners. The coaches always thoroughly explain the exercises so everyone can be successful together.

“We are a continued education sort of training style where we make sure no one moves forward or moves backward within the class and we progress together as a class,” Bain says.

Bain likens this coaching method to learning a second language. He explains it as being an individual who learns a foreign language immersed in the culture versus being taught in a beginners’ classroom with others who also do not know the language.

“The learning curve is a little bit steeper in the beginning but it should be enjoyable. But you would definitely pick up Spanish faster in Mexico than you would in Edina, Minn.,” Bain says.

There is not a large number of veteran clientele at Farmhouse. In fact, at any given moment, in any class, you can usually find at least one new person. There are regularly new individuals or athletes joining Farmhouse and beginning their fitness quest alongside the rest of the Farmhouse community.

Bain is excited to have new people always joining because he believes that allows him to maintain his coaching integrity, which is helping new people feel comfortable and encouraged by others within the Farmhouse community to become the best versions of themselves. He continues to stress that no new person should ever feel ashamed about their skill level or nervous about not fitting in.

“So if someone is new to working out, they should not feel shy or worried by any means because we have a very nurturing community that allows people to grow in themselves and become who they want to be,” Bain says.

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Ed. note: Farmhouse Performance Lab is now under the new ownership of Megan and Stewart Nutting.


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