Gardening for Life

by | Jun 2024

Happy Senior woman farmer in a hat works in small agricultural farm and grows cucumbers. Concept of a small agribusiness and work at retirement age


Gardening can be a form of intentional movement and can help people of all ages stay in shape. To bend, stand, lift, dig, carry and pull are basic human movements that can help keep you healthy and feeling strong.

Small garden plots or even patio container gardens with flowers and vegetables are great ways to keep yourself gardening. Establishing routines of watering, weeding, feeding and harvesting help to give your day purpose and allow a connection with the outdoors.

Turn up some toe-tapping tunes, and reach for the gardening tools this summer. Arm yourself with a sun protective hat, kneeling pads and sturdy hand tools that feel good to hold. Raised beds and lifted containers can help make growing plants and vegetables more accessible.

Turn your attention to the outdoors, and bring some friends and family members along with you. It’s never too late to get started gardening.

Sarah Davis has been the general manager at Sunnyside Gardens for 20 years. Grow more at


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