Hometown Champion

by | Jun 2021

Rick Murphy

Photo: Edina Community Foundation

Local business owner is a dedicated community volunteer.

Rick Murphy’s community service contributions are felt in Edina and beyond. His connection to Edina is through his family’s multi-generational businesses, Grandview Tire & Auto, Edina Tire & Auto, and Murphy Automotive, which support the work of the Edina Community Foundation as “Hometown Champions,” donating $2,500 annually.

Murphy’s dedication to service is illustrated by his personal contributions. He volunteered for eight years on the Edina parade team, leading the veterans’ dinner held the night before the city’s annual 4th of July Parade. The veterans’ dinner honors veterans with ties to our community and includes music, speeches and an honor guard. He is back in Edina the next morning ensuring the parade goes off without a hitch.

Beyond Edina, Murphy organizes an annual fundraiser called Bowl Hole, an outdoor ice bowling event held on Prior Lake and attracts 40 teams of ice bowlers. Each year they support a new cause. In 2020 $10,000 was raised for colon cancer research. In 2021, nearly $14,000 was raised for leukemia research and relief with some funds directed to a local family fighting leukemia.

Former parade chair Tom Gump says, “When I first joined the parade team, I knew Rick was a superstar. Rick made my job easy; he always got the job done without needing a lot of support. He did his job with grace—never letting any difficulties stop him. He just always found another way to persevere.”

Contributed by the Edina Community Foundation; edinacommunityfoundation.org


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