Chasing Sunsets

by | Sep 2022

Fred Richards bike path


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Hobbyist photographer captures nature’s gifts.

Lucas Winters, an engineer, hobbyist photographer and nature enthusiast, had been trying to capture a photo of the sunset over the Highway 100 overpass for quite some time. And then one night last summer, along the trail of Fred Richards Park on his way to the overpass, he got his shot. “I would walk this trail close to sunset a lot to get this shot, and once I got a better camera, it was the perfect opportunity,” Winters says. “[After taking the photo], I saw the lens flare and the backdrop of the sunset, and I was happy with it.”

Winters has hiked three fourths of the Minnesota State Parks and plans to hike all of them one day. He wanted a way to remember all of his hikes and the beauty of these parks, so he took up photography. Aside from this type of imagery, Winters enjoys macro photography and capturing all the details and beauty nature has to offer.

Photographer: Lucas Winters
Title: Fred Richards Park Bike Path
Equipment: Nikon D3500



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