Images of Edina: Gone Fishin’

by | Aug 2022

Martin Freeman Photo

Runner Up: People

Hobbyist photographer captures a sweet moment between father and son.

Last summer during an evening walk around Lake Harriet, Martin Freeman, his wife, Dona, and their son, Will, spotted a beautiful scene: a dad and a son fishing against the orange skies of a summer sunset. Freeman says, “This picture tells a story: father and son ride down to Lake Harriet in the summer evening to go fishing, [they] drop their bikes and dad is in such a rush to get his son fishing … that they don’t stop to remove bike helmets.”

Freeman considers himself a hobbyist photographer, but he has a keen eye for photos. “[It just] seemed like a Norman Rockwell moment,” Freeman says. “So I grabbed the picture with my smartphone.”

Photographer: Martin Freeman
Title: Couldn’t wait to take off bicycle helmets before fishing!
Equipment: iPhone 10


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