Trick or Treat

by | Oct 2022

Images of Edina entry Trick or Treat.

Photo: Leah Steidl

Mother captures her child’s fun life moments.

For Leah Steidl, being a mom and holding a camera is second nature. She says that, when your kid starts to grow and face new experiences, those moments look great through a camera lens. And this photo of her daughter and daughter’s friend, taken on Halloween last year, is evidence of that. “This was her first year trick-or-treating with her friend instead of just her parents,” Steidl says.

Steidl grew up with her dad regularly taking photos, too. “My dad always captured all of our life moments with his big camera,” she says. “And as soon as I became a mom, I was never far from mine … I love taking pictures of people—capturing real moments, smiles and memories.”

Photographer: Leah Steidl
Title: Trick or Treat
Equipment: Steidl Mirrorless Canon R6 24–70mm lens
Winner: Activities & Events


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