Keep the Kids Busy at Southdale Center’s New Bounce Town

by | Nov 2019


Photo: Rachel Nadeau

Southdale Center welcomes a new family experience.

The Southdale Center is typically known for its shopping and dining options, but Mankato local Jaci Hanson is looking to change that with her kid-friendly, family-run business, Bounce Town.

Hanson opened Bounce Town this past June with five oversized inflatables, including bouncers, obstacle courses and slides. “My dream was to create a fun place for kiddos,” she says. And she has for all kids—little ones under four years old can play in “wee town,” and there’s no outside food or drink allowed, so kids with allergies are safe to play.

But Bounce Town offers more than just bouncing. With concessions and an arcade zone, there’s a variety of options for kids to play. Hanson has just one request from parents—if you see something, say something. “We have staff that is aware of the kid’s behavior so there’s no bullying,” Hanson says. “But we ask customers to bring up things we miss.”

“[Parents] are extremely excited about the opportunity to have a place to bring their kids,” says Southdale Center’s general manager Judy Tullius.

“It’s a great place to come.” Hanson adds, “Everyone who [bounces] has completely loved it.”

Bounce Town
10 Southdale Center
$10 all day wristband, $7.50 general admission
Facebook: Bounce Town MN


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