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by | Nov 2019

A woman sits on a swing on Klong Prao Beach

Photo: Mark Murray

A promise to make dreams come true can prompt a “too good to be true” response. But when it comes to travel dreams, you’ve arrived at an ideal gift idea.

In August, Virtuoso, the world’s largest travel network, formally launched a travel portfolio-building experience, appropriately named Wanderlist®.

If the gift of ancestry kits reveals where a family is from, a gift of Wanderlist® can map out where a family can go – and put it into a defined travel portfolio with dates and budgets based on the recipient’s travel dreams.

This type of personalized travel service combines the expertise of a trained travel advisor with a robust online experience to explore 1600+ destinations along with the most comprehensive list of travel experiences ever compiled – think cooking classes in Kyoto, safaris on the Serengeti or Vespa rides to Versailles.

This great gift begins with an online experience that’s simple but thorough. It takes about 30 minutes to complete by each family member, but the curation site can be explored for hours. Much like adding a TV show to your “favorites,” you’re prompted to select regions, cities and experiences with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Exploration is supported by online destination guides filled with featured interviews, location information and videos so each family member can create their own shortlist of dream adventures.

Whether it’s for simple trips in-country or globetrotting, this service is a forum for sharing imagined adventures, getting them on the calendar and knowing what to budget. A Wanderlist® portfolio becomes the motivation to have travel dreams realized and celebrated for years to come.

Top locations that “Travel & Leisure” editors were most excited to visit in 2019:

Alsace, France
The Andaman Islands, Thailand
Brisbane, Australia
Cambridge, England
Elqui Valley, Chile
Etyek, Hungary

Contributed by Mark Murray, a travel advisor at Newmark Travel In Edina.


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