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by | Sep 2023

Egghead delights a young reader at Edina Library.

Egghead delights a young reader at Edina Library. Photo: Maja Temim

For many of us, the first books we read—or had read to us—were nursery rhymes. But at the Edina Library, Humpty Dumpty is the one reading.

Behind the library in Grandview Square Park is Kimber Fiebiger’s sculpture, Egghead. Humpty Dumpty is securely seated on his pedestal without any chance of a great fall.

Dressed dapper with a polka-dot bow tie and royal blue and gold striped tights, this nursery rhyme favorite enjoys his book with a smile across his big golden egg face.

The statue is a literal egghead, who loves to read. Fiebiger has created dozens of fun, whimsical bronze sculptures of Humpty Dumpty. Sometimes he is about to fall off a wall, like the row of Humpties about to topple over and land sunny side up on the sidewalk at Fiebiger’s gallery on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis next to the Mississippi River. Other of Fiebiger’s Humpties are laughing, playing golf and even serving pizza.

Egghead has been happily reading near the Edina Library since 2014 and became a permanent installation thanks to community donations, including from the Edina Senior Center, Grandview Square Neighborhood Association and Friends of the Edina Library.

Contributed by Laura Westlund, a tour guide at the Weisman Art Museum and an art hound for Minnesota Public Radio


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