Local Photographer Takes "Perfect Springtime Photo"

"Boy and Girl with Umbrellas " taken by Erica Hacker with a Sony A99.

With the arrival of spring, everyone is antsy to get outdoors. Even those cool rains seem tempting when compared to the icy winds and snow of winter. And sometimes running in the rain is just too good to pass up.

"[My kids] had just gotten new umbrellas,” says Erica Hacker. “They really wanted to try them out, and went out during a downpour.”

Hacker was a professional photographer for a time, but has settled into shooting more candid moments with her family. It’s actually quite fitting, since it became a passion around the time her oldest child was born. “Candid photos are so much fun to take,” she says. “The expressions have more joy than posed.”

This particular photo, titled Boy and Girl with Umbrellas, was recognized last year by an Art of Edina photo contest in the Parks category. Look for more artwork by local photographers at artofedina.com and on Instagram at @artofedina