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In the travel industry, spring is often referred to as shoulder season, that space between a peak and trough for demand. That’s how the springtime atmosphere feels to me, especially this year, like we’ve been living in an in-between space, no longer in the depths, not quite emerged, but imbued with hope like a budding flower. I think it would be wonderful to help spread that hope and lean into the heartening promise of change. This can be easy and safe to do by delivering May Day baskets to our friends and neighbors.

When our sons were little, a dear friend would ring our doorbell early in the morning on May 1st every year. A ding-dong ditch of fun with trinkets and toys left behind for our kids. Those baskets contained things like coloring books or Silly Putty; but it wasn’t the contents that mattered. Being remembered matters. Feeling loved matters. Finding ways to show people you care matters. Let’s bring back this simple but impactful May Day tradition on May 1st or any day. Because any day, every day is a good day to show people we are thinking of them and that we want them to feel loved and to know joy. Flip to our opening story written by editorial intern Olivia Rivera for some May Day inspiration she garnered from the local floral designers at Haute House Studio in Edina.

Here’s to the hope that springs eternal …

Angela Johnson

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