Nana and Abuela

by | Dec 2023

Nana and Abuela book cover

Nana and Abuela by Monica Rojas, Illustrated by Emiko Rainbow. Published by Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2023.

This delightful collaboration between two Minnesota creators centers on Luna, who has “two pets, two pillows on her bed, and two languages in her head.”

Luna’s grandmothers, Nana and Abuela, have different styles and speak different languages but collaborate happily on babysitting Luna for the evening. Young Luna has combined some English and Spanish words to form her own combinations. For instance, milk + leche = meche. As the trio prepare dinner together, Nana and Abuela are stumped by one of Luna’s requests. It’s not Spanish. And it’s not English. With some careful listening and detective skills, Nana and Abuela figure out what Luna is trying to tell them, and the meal—and the evening—come together beautifully.

Illustrator Emiko Rainbow’s warm and cheerful palette makes this book feel like a hug. The flowers throughout the book hint at elements of both Mexican and Scandinavian design.

Author Monica Rojas brings a comforting story about how a child can embody multiple cultures and languages and be completely surrounded by love.

Contributed by Megan Maynor, children’s book author, Minnesota Book Award Finalist and Minnesota Youth Reading Awards Nominee. Read more at


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