Outfit Tips for Fashionable Flying

by | Jun 2024

Jasmine Brett Stringer Travel Outfit

Photo: Jasmine Brett Stringer

A few months ago, a children’s book author sparked an intriguing discussion on Instagram with a travel-themed query. Her engaging post read, “Ladies (and gentlemen, feel free to join in), when you travel, do you opt for a special ‘cute’ outfit for the plane ride, or do you reserve your stylish ensembles for the destination itself?”

This question immediately resonated with me because last summer, I was given the coziest sweater I’ve ever worn, which inspired me to rethink my travel attire. As an entrepreneur, work-related travel accounts for around 70 percent of my flights. I firmly believe you never know who you’ll meet, so be prepared to network anywhere. Moreover, my childhood travel memories include “dressing up” for flights, a tradition so ingrained that I didn’t wear jeans on a plane until my college years. Comfort is also a priority for me, and I’m always on the go and coming in hot.

The game-changer was a sweater, the AirEssentials Cocoon by SPANX, to be precise. Discovering its perfect blend of comfort and style led me to purchase a matching jumpsuit online. This ensemble has since become my go-to travel outfit. What I love most about it is its versatility—it seamlessly transitions from casual to business casual as needed and, most importantly,
it features pockets.

In response to the initial Instagram question, I shared, “Cute travel outfit. I have a go-to cute plus comfortable outfit that I wear for 85 percent of my travels.” Now, I’m curious about your travel wardrobe choices. What do you wear when flying? Tag us on social media @edinamag.

Contributed by Jasmine Brett Stringer, author and founder of Carpe Diem with Jasmine. Find more at carpediamwithjasmine.com.


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