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Edina Magazine August 2021As summer meanders into fall and families anticipate a more “normal” education experience for students, we take a look at how caring people helped students learn to cope over the past year; how to discover their strengths and build more robust community connections. Societal circumstances put enormous pressure on people during the pandemic and even the most well-heeled among us were not immune to the stresses that had to be endured. But, what beauty has emerged: A student led public art project (page 26), a mental health awareness campaign for local youth (page 14) and a local nonprofit initiative aimed at providing birthday and graduation cakes to foster children and at-risk youth (page 42).

Although it’s trite to lean into the adage, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” it may be close to true, but possibly with this caveat; those feeling “a little tougher” in any given moment, who lend a hand to those feeling “a little less tough” in that same moment, impart strength through empathy and care that can permeate throughout relationships, communities and generations.

I think that’s a lot of what you’ll appreciate about this education themed issue, the earnest desire of local residents, educators and students, everyday people, who see what the needs are, and who are stepping up to help build resources and skills meant to help strengthen individuals and the community.

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