Spark Joy in Your Home with These Tips from Evereve Owner Megan Tamte

by | Apr 2019

Art from Kristi Kohut hangs at Evereve

Photo: Megan Tamte

Evereve owner Megan Tamte shares tips for designing spaces that feel joyful.

I might be the only person who has three homes in Edina—our family home in the Lake Cornelia neighborhood, Evereve’s flagship store at 50th and France, and Evereve’s brand new corporate office at 6800 France Ave. All three spaces are different, yet share two important qualities we knew we wanted when designing them: to be stylish and to spark a feeling of joy.

To make people smile in all three Edina spaces, I said, “Yes” to these five things:

  1. Joyful Art: Artist Kristi Kohut’s (@hapiart) vibrant use of color combined with her play of pattern have been the perfect way to bring a feel good vibe to both our 50th & France store and corporate office space.
  2. Neon Signs: An easy and inexpensive way to brighten up a space. Bonus: They are highly Instagram-able!
  3. Sweet Sentiments: Everyone loves inspiration, so I keep wise words on display, whether it’s a simple frame with a hand-lettered phrase or a painted quote on a wall.
  4. Plants: One of the easiest ways to bring joy into your home. Pro tip: Fake plants bring joy, too, and can add a pop of color to an otherwise hard-to-decorate space like a bookshelf.
  5. Decorating with Books: It’s no secret that I love reading, so I’ve had fun using my favorite books to help bring more personality and soul to all three of my Edina spaces.


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