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by | Apr 2022


John and Ben Thompson

Owners of Scout Handsome Apparel and Gifts believe in getting adventurous with men’s fashion.

With spring on the horizon, people are beginning to put away winter clothes and break out their warm-weather wardrobes. For a lot of men, this is a good time to take a look at your closet and perhaps make some updates. After all, the changing of seasons is the perfect time to try something new with your fashion.

Not sure where to start? Ben and John Thompson, men’s fashion experts and co-owners of Scout Handsome Apparel and Gifts, have some tips for adding a little personality to your wardrobe.

The Thompsons emphasize the idea of fashion being about individual expression rather than an overarching set of rules and principles every guy should adhere to. They note that, while some men prefer to stick to only neutral colors like black, blue or brown, that’s not everyone’s style.


When it comes to both Ben and John’s personal styles, they’re all about branching out and get a little wild with clothing—and through their store, they’re inviting others to join them. “One thing we wanted to bring to market was our adventurous style of dressing, whether it’s fun colors or different prints,” John says. “Don’t be afraid of stuff that’s not traditional.”

Ben and John also encourage people to stop focusing so much on matching colors and outfits and to focus instead on coordinating everything—a subtle but important difference. This may be mixing a bold pattern with a simpler pattern or using different complementary colors instead of matching the same color. “It’s time to break down the barriers of matching colors,” Ben says.

Adding accessories is a great way to update an outfit without a complete overhaul of your wardrobe. Ben and John have started to sell a lot of hats, bags and bandanas at Scout as people have learned how to add these accessories into an outfit and update their look.

Scout carries men’s and unisex clothing and seeks to carry planet-positive brands, whether it’s a product made out of organic material or a brand with a good social cause. Scout also tries to carry local brands when it can. In addition to clothing, it also offers various gifts, such as candles and books.


Want to refresh more than just your wardrobe? Bring some style and organization into your home with products from local companies—like these classic wooden milk crates by Waam and hanging planters by Nice Nice ceramic.

Scout opened its first permanent location in St. Paul in 2018 after starting as a men’s vintage pop-up shop. After a year in St. Paul, a car drove into the store and put them out of commission for the upcoming holiday season. The owner of Nolan Mains in Edina reached out and offered the Thompsons a space to use until the St. Paul location was back up and running. They politely declined at the time but always stayed in touch.
Once they were ready to open a second location, the Thompsons reached out and worked out a deal to open their second Scout location in Nolan Mains. Because the location was in a new development, business started slow, but has picked up since. “The community really rallied around small businesses,” Ben says. “Especially last holiday season.”

As you assess and update your spring wardrobe, remember there isn’t one thing that will work for every guy when it comes to updating clothing. It comes down to the individual and what works for them and their personality. “Fashion is about individual expression,” John says. “Just don’t take it too seriously.”

Scout Handsome Apparel and Gifts,
3925 Market Street; 952.513.7269;
scoutstp.com Scout (Edina)


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