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by | Apr 2022

Prose Nails


New salon provides clean alternatives to personal care and beauty services.

At the intersection of wellness and beauty is the newest addition to Nolan Mains, Prose Nails. Opting for cleaner alternatives to nail care and beauty practices, this Phoenix-based salon prides itself in using all-natural, vegan and toxin-free products. “Hands and feet are very neglected from a heath perspective even though they do a lot for us,” says Prose Edina franchise owner Kat Gilbertson. She says that, often, “we just think to paint them pretty and then be on the go.”

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But it’s worth taking a deeper look at our personal care products and the ingredients that go into them. After all, in the United States, only 11 ingredients are banned from cosmetics—compared to around 500 in Canada and more than 1,300 in the European Union. This means that products intended to enhance your appearance at times contain harmful ingredients—some are linked to cancer, hormone disruption and infertility. As awareness grows around product ingredients and the clean beauty movement, more consumers are turning to clean and natural approaches to keep personal care simple and pure.

Prose Nails

Free of ingredients or chemicals that may be harmful to human health, the clean beauty industry zeroes in on surprisingly common toxins like parabens (a chemical preservative), synthetic fragrances and phthalates (a solvent), which are commonly found in shampoos, makeup and soap. Beauty retailers and individuals are becoming more dedicated to clean beauty.

In the midst of the ever-growing clean beauty movement, Gilbertson says it’s essential to provide products that are not harsh or full of chemicals, and it is important to consider items from an allergen perspective as well. While not all chemicals and ingredients impact everyone the same way, some people are extremely sensitive to certain ingredients. Gilbertson mentions a close family member and regular client who was never able to get a manicure because of sensitivities to the chemicals incorporated into many of the lotions and dyes used at other salons. However, at Prose, that person is able to get full pampering treatments without worry due to the careful ingredient selection.

“There is no industry leader [in cleaner nail care], and we are working to establish ourselves as that leader to help raise the bar on what it means to be clean,” Gilbertson says.

Prose’s attention to safe, high-quality products is at the forefront of the business. Providing options that are free of harsh chemicals and toxins, the services include a variety of safer, natural alternatives to hand, foot and beauty services—like anti-aging masques made from fruit purées, plant-based exfoliants or powder dip manicure instead of acrylic nails.

As a mom of three and former leader in the retail business management industry at Apple and Target, Gilbertson was in search of a better work-life balance. Following her entrepreneurial dreams, she quit her job during quarantine and invested in a company she believed in. With the addition of the Edina location, Gilbertson is now the largest franchise holder in the company as the owner of five of the 21 locations nationwide (Edina, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Plymouth and Woodbury).

Taking pride in Prose’s mission, Gilbertson hopes to continue sharing her passion for clean beauty by providing a safe place for her clients to look good and feel good. “I want people to understand that [Prose Nails is] women-owned, women-lead and women-empowered,” she says, adding that Prose is all about providing affordable, clean options for busy women on the go.

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