Springtime Surprise

by | Mar 2021

Shannon Pond Easter Sunday

Photo: Barbara Lund

Edina photographer captures conflict of Minnesota’s seasons.

We regularly feature photo submissions from our Images of Edina photo contest in the pages of Edina Magazine and online. This month, we asked Barbara Lund to tell us about her photograph titled Shannon Pond on Easter.

Lund says, “Shannon Pond is at the south end of Coventry Way, backed up by Long Break Trail. Inspiration for the photo came first and foremost, from the sheer wintry beauty of the lacy snow on the branches of a willow tree. Secondly, the wintry surprise of a snowfall blanketing the ice and the shoreline timber is quite stunning on an April Easter morning.

So, instead of choosing your best Easter attire for church and a family gathering … you find yourself wondering which snow boots to wear. One feels annoyance that winter refuses to leave, but at the same time, the stillness of the snow cover accentuates the quiet beauty of Shannon Pond’s landscape.

It’s a rare day that I don’t take a photo, often to the dismay of my family members who have suffered from my learning and experimentation over the decades.

I sent my photo to Edina Magazine because I have admired other images there, and when you get excited about an image you’ve shot, it’s a pleasure to be able to share it.”


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