Summer Moments to Remember

by | Aug 2023

Two young girls playing outside with a garden hose.

Photo: Leah Steidl

Mother captures the pure joy of childhood summers.

Last summer, Edina resident Leah Steidl took a photo that beautifully captures the essence of a carefree summer day. The photo features her daughter Etta, with Etta’s best friend, Eva. “They’ve been the best of friends since they were 3,” Steidl says.

The two girls were splashing around with a hose while their mothers watched. “It was one of those super hot days, and myself and Eva’s mom were sitting on the deck chatting. I had brought my camera over to take pics of the girls for a project they were working on, and I noticed the sunlight was perfect, so I grabbed my big camera and took a few snaps.”

Steidl says she loves this photo for “the genuine joy” it portrays.

Photographer: Leah Steidl
Title: Summer Moments to Remember
Equipment: Canon R6 with a 24–70mm lens
Runner Up: People


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