The Restorative Power of Bredesen Park

by | Nov 2023

The Restorative Power of Bredesen Park

Photo: Stephanie Thomas

Photo captures juxtaposition of tranquility and intensity.

Stephanie Thomas walks through Bredesen Park almost every day. During one autumn walk, she couldn’t help but stop and photograph what she saw. “I noticed how the warm orange of the bench created a striking contrast with the cool blue sky—that fresh sky we see in the fall after we’re finally done with summer’s high humidity,” Thomas says. “I like how the photo draws me in and takes me down the path, making me feel as if I’m in the park. The photo makes me feel calm and energized at the same time—and that’s the restorative power of Bredesen Park.”

Photographer: Stephanie Thomas
Title: The Restorative Power of Bredesen Park
Equipment: iPhone 12 Pro
Category: Places
Award: Honorable Mention


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