Winter Home Prep Tips from Fox Homes

by | Oct 2019

A fireplace with a wreath hanging above it.

Photo: Sarah Schaffer

It’s time to tackle your fall to-do list before we settle in for a long season of the white stuff.
Exterior water maintenance

If your home has a sprinkler system, it’s time to schedule winterization. Leave this task to the pros as any residual water in the system can lead to damaged lines come spring.

Turn water off to your exterior spigots and leave them in the open position. Water trapped in pipes can freeze, causing damage to the interior of your home.

Have your chimney inspected

Have your chimney professionally inspected to insure it’s safe for use. If an inspection warrants it, have your fireplace cleaned to keep it in good working order. If you are planning for a spring home sale, it’s likely your buyer will perform their own inspection of the chimney. Knowing its condition in advance will help thwart any unforeseen expenditures. My pick is Edina based AirBroom Minnesota.

Have your furnace inspected

Whether your heating system is old or new, routine maintenance is required. An annual inspection will help prolong the life of your system, save on energy bills and decrease any potential health risks like carbon monoxide leaks. Furnace filters should be changed every 3 months for maximum performance. My pick is Edina family-owned Midland Heating and Cooling.

Sarah Schaffer is an Edina based realtor with Fox Homes


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