Behind the Greens

The Edina Garden Council brings Edina into bloom.

Every year, the Edina Garden Council (EGC) makes Edina a more beautiful place. Arneson Acres, one of the main focuses of the council, is constantly in bloom—whether it’s daffodils in the spring or the lush, welcoming greenhouse in the winter. “EGC is interested in providing education and ways to be involved in the community,” says Liz Genovese, president of the EGC. Composed entirely of busy volunteers, the EGC represents six local garden clubs including Hidden Valley, Kelodale, Late Bloomers, Normandale, Winahbar, and Woodhill.

It seems these gardeners never rest. Just take a look at Arneson Acres, and you’ll see the fruits of their labor: flowers transplanted to the earth after a winter in the greenhouse, the gazebo and fountain funded by the EGC’s plant sale, the hybrid lily bed, and the greenhouse itself. But their work spreads beyond the park: funds generated from plant sales help create horticultural scholarships. This month, they’ll be participating in the Tri-City flower show at Southtown Shopping Center in Bloomington—and the blooms are sure to be beautiful.