Edina’s Garden Experts Offer Tips on Summer Trends

by | May 2020

A garden featuring some of the outdoor trends for summer 2020.

Photos: Bachman’s and Haute House Studio

Local garden experts offer ideas for jump-starting your garden.

Minnesotans like to make the most of all the outdoor joy we can cultivate. These local garden experts can help with ideas for jump-starting your garden. Here are their suggested tips and trends:

Haute House Studio co-owner Marsha Hunt is looking to elevate your game. “Here are some of my favorite (and easy!) tips to take your garden to the next level … literally,” she says.

  • Create an entire blooming walk by training and wiring new growth to a trellis or wire grid to create an espalier. Hardy William Baffin and John Cabot climbing roses are two of Haute House Studio’s favorites.
  • Plant a blooming clematis plant on a tall topiary form. A unique one is Diamantina which resembles a passionflower.
  • Place outdoor urns and containers planted with annuals right in the garden bed. It adds height and bright spots of color that will last all season long.

Outdoor Lanterns

Bachman’s: Speaking of elevating your garden ….

  • Bachman’s recommends the L-Garden elevated rolling planter. It brings the garden up to you, eliminating a lot of bending and kneeling and making the whole enterprise much more accessible. It also makes gardening in a small space much more efficient.
  • Or try adding a Pollinator House to your flower bed. It can improve the health of plants in your landscape naturally, by attracting the insects they need to pollinate.
  • One of the joys of a beautiful garden is sitting on a warm summer evening enjoying the fruits of your labors. Bachman’s suggests setting up garden lanterns to give the perfect summer night glow to those relaxing evenings.

Flower Bouquets

The Faerie House: What’s a garden without a little magic …

  • Bell Barr of The Faerie House tells us that fairy houses are a beautiful addition to any garden. “They also acknowledge you have a sweet garden where faeries choose to live,” she says. The houses can be staked in a garden bed or hung from a tree. They also look nice nestled in a window box. Barr and husband Frank are regulars at the Edina Art Fair where you can find your perfect Faerie House.

Sunnyside Gardens: Try adding an edible to that planter …

  • Erin Collins of Sunnyside Gardens says she’s pretty excited about the new smaller varieties of grapes coming on the market. She’s especially fond of the Pixie grapes. “Two years ago, I planted a couple of these plaints in containers on my front patio and they did incredibly well,” she says. “My kids loved picking the grapes in the summer.” She moved them into the ground that fall, and they produced the next year. They aren’t likely to survive a Minnesota winter in a container but planted in the ground she has found them to be hardy. “They will produce grapes the first year if planted in a container early enough,” she says. Pixie grapes give the average gardener a chance to have their own version of a vineyard.

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The Faeirie House
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