From Yard to Garden

by | Apr 2024

Poppies, Daisies and Peonies

Photo: akaplummer

Making a house a home takes as much of an effort as making a yard a garden. The end product of your efforts is the pride of sharing an ideal place to spend time with your neighbors, friends and family.

Identify what you like to be surrounded by to feel relaxed and at peace. Start transforming with inspiration from a book or magazine, or visit the garden center to talk with someone who whispers to plants professionally.

Designate just one or two smaller areas for your 2024 transformation, and jump in head first. The effort needed to get a perennial, tree or shrub established into its new home may take the entire growing season, so don’t bite off more than you can chew. Plant thoughtfully, taking the time to add nutrients to the soil with compost. (Most urban soils are desperately void of proper nutrients.)

Watering Tips
  • Set your new plant into the hole you’ve dug for it. After placing the plant in the hole, see how long it takes for your hose to fill up the space with water. Repeat that deep soaking water two or three times a week to make sure you are supplying what the plant needs.
  • Make sure the planting area falls within reach of your sprinkler. This will ensure the maximum return on your investment without overtaxing your care efforts.
  • Expect to manage your plantings a few times a week.

Maintaining a beautiful home requires effort, and the same goes for nurturing a garden. The investment in both is truly worthwhile.

Contributed by Sarah Davis, general manager at Sunnyside Gardens. She’s been with the company for 20 years and enjoys helping people find success with gardening.


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